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Our Story

Melissa Braniff Designs, Inc. was created out of a love for fine jewelry and a passion for ancient history.  As the designer’s collection of ancient coins grew, she wanted to honor the ancient artifacts and showcase them in a beautiful, creative manner.  With a vision and fierce determination, she set out to find artisans who could bring her creations to life.

Melissa Braniff Designs is highly respectful of the integrity of the ancient coins. The coins, certified and authentic, are the focal point of our jewelry. During the construction of each piece, artisans are mindful of the delicacy of the coin. Whether we are molding high carat gold or carefully setting sparkling white diamonds, the coin is never damaged or altered.  It remains as it was thousands of years ago.  Each piece of jewelry is fabricated by hand and unique due to the nature of the irregularity of ancient coins. In our experience, the wearer of each piece connects with the historical past in some way.  The jewelry becomes a conversational piece, and the story becomes special to the wearer. We provide certificates of authenticity with each piece and include the historical information that pertains to the coin.

“I find that women today are excited to add a piece of history to their jewelry collection.  We do a lot of custom work, and I really enjoy the collaboration with the client.  I always ask them to show me their three favorite pieces and three pieces that they wear on a regular basis.  Once I get a feel for their style, I encourage them to allow me to create a piece they could wear every day if they wanted to.  The connection to the past is so fascinating to me…I want everyone who wears a piece of my jewelry to feel the wonder and the integrity of the ancients.”

- Melissa 

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